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Rape again: where's Detective Kima Greggs when you need her?

The estimable Jim Hines has a wonderful post about rape and policing prejudices. He's reacting specifically to things that have been happening in Baltimore, but there are wider implications. It's not so long since we had a case here of a serving police officer raping a woman who was in his custody. It sounds simplistic, but the problems around rape and the treatment of rape won't go away until we have a major shift away from the cultural values we still have around the treatment of women. (And of men -- I suspect that police officers like these would be even less supportive of male rape victims.)
Jim's piece is here: http://jimhines.livejournal.com/515112.html
It's well worth a look.

And -- as during the long reign of Dubya -- I am yearning for a fictional character to be real. Kima would never, ever, let behaviour like this ride. Nor would Lester, for that matter.

I thought long and hard about posting this, because I know it's a distressing and upsetting topic, and I really don't want to upset any of my friends. But it matters, and instances like the malpractice in Baltimore are one of the many reasons why so many women -- including me -- are so very preachy about the subject. I am not dissing any of you, I swear. I'm just worrying.
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