April 14th, 2014

Princess Nest

More from the little princess

Greetings, internet subjects.
I have now inspected all of my new domain and find it to be mainly acceptable. There are lots of interesting places to investigate, soft things to sit on, vertical surfaces to sharpen my claws on and some amusing things to bat and sniff. There are, however, still two doors which the minions will not open for me, which is not at all good. One is called 'the box room', which means it must be for me, because boxes are the hereditary right of all cats. The other is called 'the airing cupboard'. It smells nice and warm. Clearly, I should be allowed to sleep in it.
The new cat subjects are beginning to learn their place. The big spotty one -- the minions call him 'Horus' -- has stopped running away and now accepts my greetings politely. He lets me bat his tail sometimes, too, though he still has not learnt to wash my face when I tell him. The beige one -- he's called 'Ish', which is a silly name -- continues to use improper language in my presence, but I have shown him that I am not impressed and I still go up to him and expect play. Last night he was asleep on the big comfy minion bed and I sneaked up and went to sleep next to him. Hah! That will show him. I like the minion bed. It is very warm and there is room for three cats at once, although the minions seem to be a bit squashed. I don't know why they insist on sleeping on it: I would let them sleep on my bed, because I am a kind and generous princess. Male minion is very good at playing, especially with string and feathers on the end of a stick. It's very amusing watching him wave them around. I pat them and chase after them to make him happy. And I chewed his fingers, too, because I want him to know that I am down with my people and not at all stuck up. The female minion isn't as good at playing -- she waves the feather all wrong -- but she has a nice lap that I like to sit on. The boycats like to sit on her, too, but I am there first. Hah! I am princess! Today I went for a ride in my carriage, to see some more human minions at a place called the vet. It looked very interesting and I told female minion to let me out of the carrier to explore, but she refused to obey me. I will punish her later. There was a lot of fuss at the vet and everyone said how beautiful I am and how wonderful. This is only Right and Proper and I shall expect more of the same if we go there again.

This is Kari: little blue girl is doing extremely well, and spent last night cuddled up on the bed with us and the boys without any hissing or problems (though she did wake up for play at 6 a.m.). We seem to have decided on Telzey as her everyday name, as she's brave, confident, very smart and dauntless. Her new favourite toys are a furry spider and a toy mouse, both of which are on long pieces of elastic and hung from the sitting room door. She spent nearly an hour this morning catching and killing both of them repeatedly. Right now, she's having a nap downstairs in her igloo. having chased around all morning (and eaten well).

Skirt of the day: blue wedgewood.

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