December 20th, 2011


So, this is what I did on my holiday.

What with one thing and another, the marquis ended up with a lot of spare leave at the end of the year, and he couldn't carry all of it over to next year. Which meant we had to use it, or he'd lose it all together, which would be a shame. Of course, this meant finding somewhere to go in mid-December -- I suspect many on the f'list would head at this point for somewhere sunny, or a city-break of some kind. But the marquis recognises two basic holiday types: i) skiing and ii) castle-hunting. He is willing to concede that other types of holiday may exist -- but these are the core types, and he has a list of places whose castles he has yet to see. The top of that, for various reasons, is the German Palatinate, but we both agreed that in mid-Dec, that wasn't the best idea. There's likely to be a lot of hill-walking involved in it, and hill-working and short days combined with the marquis' desire to fit in as many castles as possible really isn't a good idea.

Next on the list was Spain.I'll put the rest of this behind a cut, to save your friends' page. Collapse )