November 24th, 2011

Goth marquise

Scarlet for me...

So today is mainly about packing for richardrampant's weekend-long birthday extravaganza in North Wales. I have jeans, walking boots, tops, underwear, my hairbrush, my huge silk net petticoat and a corset... (And my toothbrush.) I guess if I've forgotten anything, I can always take a side trip to Bangor (no singing at the back). It should be a lot of fun, if last year is anything to go by. I've got my rewrites, too, as I still have about 4 chapters to tidy up.
And yes, there will be castles. They are everywhere....

And meanwhile, how did I come to forget how awesome this is? I mean, Marc Almond has half the voice Gene Pitney has, and his top notes are dodgy, yet somehow instead of being unbalanced, this is pure magic.

No skirt today -- I have to drive across the country, so I'm in jeans. (The long blue linen skirt is going, though. A girl needs at least one skirt. [Apart from the Huge Silk Net Petticoat, that is, and its demi-skirt.])