November 18th, 2011



So the marquis' return journey depended on a tight change of planes in Washington, which Those Who Booked It assured him would be fine, no problem, perfectly do-able.
He had to run to make it on the outbound journey, which allowed more time, because of the whole immigration thing.
The return journey... Oh, no. His first flight can't possibly take off on time, or even near on time. Leaving him with no onward flight. The airline are rearranging something for him (it's their fault, so they had better do this properly, or they will be getting a Brisk Letter from me). But come what may, instead of being home by lunchtime tomorrow, it will be practically midnight at the earliest. Plus, I suspect, a great deal of hanging about in empty, largely closed airports.
Colour both of us highly unamused.

Shoulders are a lot better today, and I pushed on with the rewrites. I guess I'll get a lot more of them done tomorrow, too.
Skirt of the day: black pinstripe wrap.