November 14th, 2011


Gorffwysed mewn hedd.

Last Thursday afternoon, while I was sitting here working on my rewrites, while others were working and talking and thinking, keristor was killed in a head-on collision. I didn't know him -- Keris, Chris Croughton, as well as I would have liked. At conventions, I was mainly running around in Green Room and Keris was working and playing in the filk room. He was a good friend of many of my friends, a fine musician, a thoughtful, kind, decent human being; one of those who made the world better for others. We would talk on LJ sometimes about this and that -- often philosophy or history or Wales -- for he was a Welshman himself. I liked him, and I'm thankful for those on-line talks. I heard of his death on Saturday night, in the bar at Novacon: for several moments we all stood stunned. He will be missed very much. Gorffwysed mewn hedd.
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