August 8th, 2011


Novel race metrics

As you know, Bob, I have foolishly allowed myself to be drawn into novel-racing with desperance and mizkit and other good people. Because I am, as we also know, sometimes of the pstupid. (You can see the details over here: I am so going to lose this, but on the other hand, any way of getting this book properly rolling has to be good. So my goal is to add at least 50k to it by the end of the agreed period, preferably more.
So far -- one whole day in -- I'm on target with just over 2k new words. Jehan is trying to keep his cool, and Aude has met someone she hoped never to see again. I seem to be channelling Georgette Heyer, which is unexpected. (Georgette Heyer meets the French Revolution. With dead people. That does rather sound like me, doesn't it?) The two supernaturals along for this ride -- Liyan and Chiachia -- are watching right now, but I am expecting the former to do something unhelpful very soon.
Of course, Chaz and Catie are steaming ahead. I don't yet know about Amanda or Alis or Laura-Anne, but I expect the worst (or, from their perspective, the best).
All this, while running a watching brief on the marquis' beans. He left me in charge of the boiling process. And Horus has come in for his tea.

Skirt of the day: long grey with black trim.