July 1st, 2011

Moon cat

Another excellent week.

My humans are, as you will be aware, not the most reliable or responsible of their species, at least where my requirements are concerned. Recently, they went away for over a week, leaving me shut in the house with both those awful boy cats and no constant source of fuss. Nice Spare Human (Sue winolj) came by regularly to attend to me, but those pushy boys kept trying to pre-empt her and I could never make her stay long enough. This is not acceptable.
Then, when my humans finally deigned to reappear, they proceeded to cough and sneeze at me, which is not peaceful and not comfortable and not really allowed.
Fortunately, divine feline providence seems to have been looking out for me. On Monday, the marquise left me alone for some hours (Not Approved) then returned with Lovely Senior Human (the marquise is her kitten). LSH is very acceptable to me. She understand perfectly that I require a lap on demand, that I need regular fuss and that I cannot be expected to jump up by myself. (I can, you understand, but it's not dignified.) This was good. She was shortly supplemented by anna_wing, who smelt a bit of strange cats, but proved very well-trained when it came to my needs. Although Stupid Horus kept trying to push in and grab attention, and Ish Who I Do Not Like kept going outside in the rain and getting wet then coming in and expecting the humans to stop worshipping me to dry him. (He goes outside because he is Stupid.) Still, I managed to command most of the attention, as is my right.
On Wednesday, the marquise brought home a new human for me, a_d_medievalist. She is excellent. She knows just how to talk to me, how to understand my commands, and just where all the best places for scritches are. She is almost as good as desperance, except she didn't stay long enough. She even understood that I do not like to be picked up, except by SquirrelMonkey, who is Allowed because he is a Catlet of some kind and not fully trained yet. And ADM let me come and stand on her bed and disturb her, which is proper.
Unfortunately, my humans, who are Stupid, let all three of my new proper humans get away again, which is Bad and Wrong. But the marquis's dice-rolling people came and amused me with dice so that was okayish. And the marquis played with me and shouted at Horus, which was Excellent.
Today the marquis did that going to work thing that means he's not available to me which is bad and the marquise stayed in and let me sleep on her which is proper, but less fun than having lots of servants plus she is still doing the annoying coughing thing.
New servants may apply, but must understand that I have very high standards and that the boy cats are Not To Be Paid Attention To.