June 6th, 2011


What I did at the weekend

It was an interesting weekend, this one. I'd hoped to go to Portland, but money did not permit. So instead the marquis and I went to Strawberry Fair here in Cambridge, and drank beer and looked at interesting things, and I came home with three new skirts. Two of them are blue... Then we watched Doctor Who and went flop and played with the cats.
Sunday there was a vague plan to write and clean and go to the pictures. I was just starting on the cleaning when the phone rang. It was Caro winolj: she and various others were out on a 20 mile bike ride, and laosin had had an accident. Could I come and pick her up, please? Of course, says I, and set out into Darkest Cambridgeshire.
There are a lot of long narrow dyke-edged roads. It took me half an hour, which was poor. But I got there to find poor K sitting on the verge in pain, with Caro and groliffe and anef looking after her. We put her bike into the back of the car and I drove her first back to her house to pick up a warm top and her bag, and then to A & E.
She's re-broken the collarbone she broke in another bicycle accident about 15 years ago. After she'd been x-rayed and seen the doctor and given an appointment for the fracture clinic, I brought her back here and we fed her white wine and Indian food. She tells me she's very sore today, but she's coping. Cambridge people might want to drop in or ring, though.

Today, I went to the gym (huzzah!), then revised three more chapters of Grass King. I'm now very close to the end -- the aim is to get it done by the end of Wednesday, then print it off, reread, do pagination and so forth, and get it off to Nice Editor before we set off for Stockholm and the Eurocon on the 16th June.

Skirt of the day: black pinstripe wrap.
Goth marquise

Cats on skirts: part 5

I hadn't forgotten, I was just waiting for the marquis to show me how to upload pictures from his phone.
Today's picture -- and, by chance, today's skirt -- is of my black pinstripe wrap skirt. I bought this at last year's Cambridge Folk Festival, because my existing long black skirt was wearing out. It's a heavy-ish cotton, with thin stripes of read, white, orange and black. Practical and wearable and comfortable.
The cats pictured are my first guests of this series. Welcome, themonkeycats. The orange boy is Leicester and the fluffy black and white is Humbug. They are both lovely, friendly, inquisitive boys, who wanted to know what I was doing. It was a gloomy day, sadly, which is why the picture is rather blurry.