April 3rd, 2011


A book, a very fine book

Desdaemona, by the inimitable Ben Macallan, is now available for pre-order and well worth pre-ordering. What can I tell you? It's a haunting, daunting, twisting roller-coaster of a book, a glimpse through icy windows into fog-shrouded Otherlands, a trip, a trap for the unwary, spell which you can enter. You want this book. You need this book. This book will haunt and delight you.
And what can I tell you of Ben, who I have known, now, for a while. On and off, as his his nature: sometimes warm, sometimes cold, always intriguing. You've met him too: he's that guy you caught in the corner of your eye, the one with the lean face and the watchful eyes and the smile, the one that caught your hat and handed it back when it blew from your head on that windy bridge, the one who brushed past you in the cobbled back alley and left behind him a trace of wintergreen, the one who bought the last slice of lemon meringue pie ahead of you in the queue, then offered to split it with you.
There are more details here
And you can pre-order it here, for those in the US
Or here, in the UK.
Go on, you know you want to.