March 29th, 2011

Moon cat

A Complaint

This is Mooncat. I am not happy. Here's why.
Last week, play human vanished for days and days and days without permission. This is bad, as fuss human does not stay up late enough at night and play with me, and pushes me away when I wake her up with my perfectly reasonable requests for attention. I made it quite clear to her that this was non-negotiable: a cat has rights, after all. But she ignored me and shut me out of the bedroom. This is WRONG. Boy cats get shut out. I do not get shut out. I am the Good Cat of this household.
This unsatisfactory state of affairs persisted for most of the week. It was highly distressing. Finally, on Friday, fuss human provided me with adequate levels of attention, by importing bugshaw and woolymonkey to pay attention to me. I sat in the middle and was Queen and they waited on me. This is Proper. Then, on Saturday, fuss human imported mevennen and T which was even better. mevennen has been properly trained. She did exactly what I told her at all times. I want her to come and live here. They were there all night and T got up at a sensible time and I had lots of fuss. Horus got some too. That was okay but it would be better if he had not been there. But then mevennen and T disappeared. I hunted for them everywhere. Even in the under-the-sink cupboard. I think Ish has stolen them because he is bad. (He stole desperance, too. desperance is mine. I scent-marked him.) All this was very stressful. I pointed this out to fuss human. She said, 'Not now, Bundle' because she is Bad.
Then Play Human came back. I ignored him, because he is Bad, too. He failed to make the proper apologies. I am still ignoring him. I think my humans are broken. I need help. Please send proper fuss.
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1260 new words, plus some reworked old ones on what was chapter 15 of Grass King and is now ch. 16. The twins are baffled, Marcellan is exploring, and Liyan is about to cause all kinds of trouble.
I'm getting there, I think, and these changes are making the book work better.
The cats are bounding: I think it must be spring. And I must go and make another cake.

Skirt of the day: blue linen.