March 20th, 2011


Purloined Marquis Shock!

Reports have reached this office of the theft of The Marquis earlier today from Marquis Towers. An Evil Power (TM)(Mrs) is believed to be behind this outrage. The Marquis was last seen been escorted to a Sinister Dark Vehicle headed for a location referred to only as 'Heathrow'. A source close to The Evil Power (TM)(Mrs) suggest that this theft may last for as long as a week and that during that time The Marquis may be shipped to A Foreign Destination. Sources close to the marquise tell us that she is 'underwhelmed', 'fretting', and, most tellingly 'late with our breakfast.

The marquis' employers have elected to send him to Nagoya for a week. It's a long way from those areas of Japan effected by the earthquake and tsunami (and, indeed, the power station). It's been on again off again on again all week, which has been somewhat stressful, but despite their country (let's call it A) deciding to remove their own citizens from the whole of Japan, his immediate bosses are happy, it seems, for him to go. (Their bosses, who are in a more sensible country, are recommending avoiding areas of Japan that are affected by the earthquake damage and where there are food and power shortages.)
I'm pretty convinced he'll be safe. Part of me is slightly startled that [Company Name Redacted], who he's going to see, still want foreigners turning up for a business meeting when arguably resources might be better directed elsewhere for a while. But economic life goes on. I'm not impressed by his colleague from country A who has dropped out using the circumstances and potential danger as an excuse (though coming, as he does, from the country that's consumed itself out of iodine tablets in the last week, this is perhaps understandable). But I never like it when he's away for this sort of length of time. I miss him and the house feels weird.
The cats are pointing out that they are still here and that the effect on them is far greater. Play Human is away. The standard of Play they'll receive for the next week will be grossly inadequate.