February 24th, 2011

Goth marquise

Cats on Skirts: documenting the Cambridge Skirt Mountain 2

This is the tweed skirt, which is one of the newer additions to the skirt mountain. I bought it in a sale, as I needed another winter-weight skirt, and it's very successful in that respect. It's a little more formal than is standard for me, and I'm always a little startled when I see myself in it, as it's quite a smart, office-wear garment (not my usual style). I wish it were an inch or two longer, and that the lining on the waistband was a little high (tweed is scratchy) but as a back-up skirt it does its job and I'm pleased with it, overall.
The cat in the photo is Ish, who wants you all to know that he does not think a brown skirt is the best background to set off his fur. He'd just come in from the rain, which is why he's so spiky.
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