January 19th, 2011

Living With Ghosts

What are words worth

No growth on the Grass King rewrites today, but I have written and dispatched the outlines for the next book about Gracielis and Thiercelin and for the second part of Grass King (The Gods Must Not Be Broken and Warriors of Earth respectively).

Here's a taster: "Between the border of the kingdom of Gran’ Romagne and the empire of Tarnaroq lies the city state of Saleranica, dug deep into the sides of an ancient volcano. For the last five hundred years, it has maintained its independence from its two powerful neighbours, bowing only to its ruling guild, the iron masters who call themselves the Sons of the Witch. Both kingdoms covet it for its wealth of iron and sulphur and its skilled metalworkers, but neither wishes to see it fall into the hands of the other."

Skirt of the day: tweed, originally, but now denim, as I got too hot.