January 13th, 2011


Words of the day

"It was fashionable to be shallow and silly and pointless. ‘I want to go home,’ Aude mourned to the governess. ‘I want to have more things to do.’ At home, there were tinctures and preserves to be made in the still-room, planting to discuss and oversee, accounts to be studied, stock to be examined and admired. Here in the Silver City, ladies did not even work their own seat-covers or hangings. Such work was contracted out to seamstresses hidden below the yellow fog in the Brass City."

Jehan is expecting trouble, Aude is disillusioned and bored. But it's her birthday.

Skirt of the day: still jeans, alas.

Oh but, car is home. I am broke but mobile.
Living With Ghosts

Okay, you convinced me

I've signed myself and the marquis up for World Fantasy. Hope to see many of you there. I discussed it with him last night and he was in favour -- he enjoyed himself in Columbus and is hoping for similar fun (and beer) in San Diego.