January 10th, 2011


In which I am an idiot.

So, yesterday, it being fairly bright and crisp here, the marquis and I decided to go for a walk in a local country park. It was lovely -- waterfowl, trees, happy dogs and lots of mud (fun for the under-fours, if their behaviour can be trusted). However, the mud was also in the car park, and, leaving, I skidded and went into a fence post. Result: dented bumper and associated damage. The idiot girl strikes again.
Car is now at the car spa, awaiting mending. Bill anticipated as around £800 (around $1250, for the USians). That about accounts for the payment for the sale of the German rights of Living With Ghosts, then. Bah, humbug.
Of course, this run of poor luck that I've been having this new year may be good in other ways. (I have a theory that luck is limited, and there is only so much to go around, so me having rubbish stuff may be good for others. Well, I can hope.)
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Back into the rewrites.

Grass King now has a whole new first chapter and the next one is revised as per Nice Editor's suggestions. I have to admit that I enjoy being back with this book. The book-in-progress is always the worst, seemingly.

First new line of the day: They were twin sisters, long-bodied and lithe, and, sadly, pungent.
(Luckily for me, the ferret women see no problem at all with their smell. Or with people knowing about it.)

Skirt of the day: tweed. (Brown tweed, sadly. I am not fond of brown. But it's a nice skirt, and it's warm.)