November 29th, 2010


Snow, snow, snow

Today, we have snow. Yay. I like snow -- yes, even when I have to drive in it or walk somewhere awkward. Yes, I'm odd.
We also have a new cat flap, which only admits cats whose microchips it has learnt. It knows our three, but not Little Black Monster, and so far today he has not got in. This is good and we approve.
The cat flap itself, however, is productive of some feline consternation. You see, it clicks. This is unexpected. Ish isn't too bothered. It clicked, but it let him in anyway, it didn't eat him and it hasn't got anything he wants. So he can deal.
Moon and Horus are less sure. They have both used it to go out, but in is more challenging. It makes a click! Did I know it makes a click! Moon, who is a cautious sort, patted it with her front paws, so that it opened a bit, but wouldn't come too close (thus convincing it that the cat was not entering, leading to another click). She eventually deigned to use it when we held the flap for her.
Horus... It clicks! It makes a click! By his nose! Much shouting and bafflement, and again we had to hold the flap. Hopefully they'll learn.
Some writing done (fx: virtue). Gym visited. Shoulders are so-so.

Skirt of the day: denim.