November 11th, 2010


Drowning Kings and other things

So, writing happened. Still not a 1000 words, but my right wrist is very painful today, and I need to stop typing and go and do something else. (This was going to be ironing, but with it being the right wrist, that isn't so clever either. Shall think of something.)
Back on The Drowning Kings today. It's in that awkward middle stage, where I know what needs to happen next, but first I have to get the characters through the talk-about-current-issue-and-travel stage. Which is dull and book-slowing. The talking has to happen, and I probably need a scene or two on the journey, but in order not to be even less pacey that it already is, what's really needed is getting to the next location. I suspect I'd do the 'what about the women' scene and then jump to 'N weeks later' in the next chapter.
Which will be Tintagel, by the way. This is an International Bl**dy Celtic book. (Dyfed and Cornwall were two separate kingdoms at this time, therefore...) Here's a short Collapse )

In other news, Horus is scared of the cat flap today, because it's flapping and banging in the wind. I was good and went to the gym and gerbiled (and over-strained my right wrist, stupid marquise).
I remain deeply underwhelmed at the plans of our new masters regarding welfare, work and community indentured labour service.

Skirt of the day: long purple silky (with red crinkle doing petticoat duty underneath. It's cold here today)