November 7th, 2010


As of tomorrow

As of tomorrow, I am going to be good.
I will get to my desk earlier, go to the gym and get on with Teh Writing.
I will spend less time playing stupid games and looking to see if anything interesting is happening on the internet.

In preparation for this I have:
deleted Bookworm
stayed up far later than I intended looking to see if there is anything interesting happening on the internet...

Pigs may be sighted flying over my house, I but I intend to try, at least, because I want to finish The Drowning Kings, do the rewrites on Grass King and get to a point where I can start Gracielis no. 2 (which needs a title. But I have Ideas!).

The f'list is invited to throw brickbats at me if I seem to be loitering too much online.

Skirt of the day: green maxi-dress, in fact.