September 6th, 2010


Another return to metrics

New words today: 1182
First new line: He was not drunk, not quite, although he had had several cups of Cadog’s mead, and the young monk himself had ended up far from sober.

Owain is startled and rather unsure, Gif is asleep, Teleri (ye heroine) is worried.

I seem to have wasted most of August, what with one thing and another. Will do better this month, I hope.

Meme question 11: Who is your favourite character to write? Least favourite?

My very favourite? Thiercelin. He's my favourite anyway, but he's very easy to write -- I always know exactly what he thinks, what he'd say, what he'd do. In Grass King, I enjoyed Qiaqia most, because she's so spiky, and the ferret women are huge fun. And I love Gif the dog! Least favourite is probably still Iareth Yscoithi, because she was so closed down and oblique. Trying to work out what she wanted used to drive me mad. Abbot Sulien is tricky, too, but for other reasons (not least the danger of silly errors).

Skirt of the day: new circular grey skirt with black border