June 27th, 2010


Music Meme

bugshaw gave me a 't'.

Tanha, Tanha, by A. R. Rahman, from the soundtrack of my favourite Indian film, Rangeela

Turn My Head, by Live, my favourite band, from the album Secret Samedi, and the cue for a story I haven't written yet.

Tourne, tourne, by Gabriel Yacoub, former leading light of Malicorne (best folk band ever) and a fine solo artist. This is a beautiful reflective song. I can't find a video for this online, but it's on the album Babel and can be bought to download here:

Turn, turn, turn, The Byrds. I had to pick this one: I don't rememebr if I have it, but it makes me smile whenever I hear it and I love the intro.

The Weapon, Rush. This is the cue song for my Gaheris stories, which are sitting in a folder somewhere until I work out what to do with them. There are two complete novellas and parts of two more. It's a project I want to go back to, when I finish The Drowning Kings and while I think out the Living with Ghosts sequel.

It's too hot still. Picture me melting
Skirt of the day: red and gold silk wrap (this is a different skirt to the gold silk wrap).