June 26th, 2010

Goth marquise

After 68:70 in the final set...

I just looked up what became of Nicolas Mahut's doubles match, that he had to go and play after the 11 hour 5 minute epic, because I'd been wondering.
He and his partner (Arnaud Clement) were knocked out by British pair Fleming and Skupski. But...
It was four sets. The first and fourth went to tie breaks. Mahut and Clement took the 3rd 6:3.
It's official. Nicolas Mahut: Toughest Player Ever.

This is brought to you by the Francophile tennis cheering squad. (I blame Thierry Champion and Henri Leconte.)

Joyain in Living With Ghosts was inspired by Thierry Champion, who looks like one of those wonderful stern warrior effigies. (There's a good picture of him here: http://zefts.free.fr/joueurs/H2.htm)
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