June 25th, 2010



New words today: 1174

First new line: Feasts in Hyfaidd’s hall were noisy affairs, as the leading men and the teulu toasted each other and boasted about exploits, teased and roared with laughter, pounded tables for refills of food and drink, flirted with the women serving and sang loud and off-key.

For some reason, my planned discussion f politics has veered off into the question of monastic vocations. I have no idea why, but Owain and Cadog wanted to talk about it.

Took two days off the ease the shoulders, and it's helped a bit, though things are still tender.

An appeal

It occurs to me that I've been slacking rather with this blog recently, and mainly just posting metrics. Because, you see, I don't really know what to post about. My life just isn't that interesting. So: what would you lot out there like me to write about? My rant about the excessive amount of chocolate in fandom and books? Why I have so many skirts? What music I listen to? Places I've visited, books I've read... Even that messy Celtic history stuff? The humidity is eating my brain and I need some suggestions.
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