June 22nd, 2010


Bread and circuses

So our new masters are limiting lower paid public sector workers to a pay rise of £250 p/a for the next two years (and freezing pay for those on over £12000), capping housing benefit (that'll keep the poor out of 'nice' areas), reviewing public sector pensions, freezing child benefit and putting up VAT by 2.5%, while simultaneously cutting corporation tax for those poor suffering business types. But it's not a budget against the poor in favour of the rich, oh no, because he hasn't put up duty on alcohol, cigarettes and petrol and he's scrapping the planned duty rise on cider. So that's all right then, we'll have plenty to drink on the streets.

I'm underwhelmed.


New words today: 1074
First new line: ‘Welcome,’ he said. ‘Follow me.’

There's a feast and I am struggling. Unlike desperance, I do not have the gift of food porn. Chaz, how do I make fish and pork and root vegetables sound exciting?

Mooncat likes her new outdoor litter tray very much, though the structural engineer doesn't appreciate our neighbour's trees. Builders are taking tomorrow off while the engineer and the architect talk foundations.
It's too hot. I am wearing one of my lightest skirts and I'm still warmer than I like. Horus is basking in the shade, Moon is monitoring all activities. Ish I haven't seen all day: he has Duties, after all.

Skirt of the day: floral flippy.