June 17th, 2010


The invasion has started

The builders arrived at 8 a.m. and are busy dismantling things (including our poor eating apple tree. I'm very sad about this bit). They seem like nice blokes, but all the same...
Woman gibbers quietly in study...


New words today: 1006
First new line: The atmosphere in the hall was poisonous.
Gif is happy, and Owain has just met someone who is more important that he knows.

The builders have finished for the day. My poor apple tree is no more than a stump, the marquis' old shed in a pile of neat pieces and the concrete slab that underlay it is rubble, save for a corner where Caspian set his paw-prints, which we've saved. I've rescued a few of the baby apples, with a hope of perhaps being able to grow something from one of them. Moon has supervised to her satisfaction: Horus havered, hovered, hid, then rushed back in at around 3 to tell me that we had Invaders! It was Loud! Ish has been about his own affairs.
I'm proud of myself for writing through this, despite finding it all very distracting and alarming. Experience tells me that I'll grow re-accustomed to builders about the place. I survived nine months of it while working on i>The Four Musketeers</i>, but all the same...

Skirt of the day: gold silk wrap.