June 10th, 2010


Not ded

Not ded, just otherwise occupied. A very pleasant two weeks of visitors and outside activities, leaving little time for the internet, but much time for beer and kittens and walks and theatre and films and talking and giggling and such like. desperance came down for the beer festival and we had lovely weather and excellent beer and some silliness, then my university friend A came over the bank holiday weekend, for catching-up and music and, well, beer, then best friend Atropos came for a week and we gossiped and giggled and watched films from India and China and all was fun.
Plus in there we fitted in a trip to London to see Women Beware Women at the NT -- another fascinating, violent, demanding play by Middleton -- the production is not as strong as that two years ago of The Revengers' Tragedy but the play is, and I recommend it.
Very little writing, alas, but that in itself has led to a discovery -- after two weeks of minimal computer use, my shoulders and neck are in reasonable shape, but I now have a better sense of the underlying problems and that is less good -- noticeable pain in both elbows and forearms, particularly the right, and in the fingers of the right hand. Time to get serious with Dragon Naturally Speaking, methinks.