May 23rd, 2010


London Assurance(/i> and Metrics

I took yesterday off, to go down to London with the marquis, anef and Michael winolj to see the revival of Dion Boucicault's 1841 play London Assurance at the National Theatre, which was huge fun, if not entirely Art. Simon Russell Beale dominated in the main role of Sir Harcourt Courtly, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Prince Regent in his later portraits. And Fiona Shaw, who I have found mannered in certain roles, was very entertaining as his foil, Lady Gay Spanker. The plot is fairly standard farce, but the cast seemed to be having fun (there were several incidents of corpsing, mainly due to the outrageousness of Russell Beale) and the timing - given how much the audience laughed -- was impeccable. There was also a fine performance by a radio-controlled rat, the always-good Mark Addy in a splendid dressing gown, and Richard Briers in nightgown and cap with a blunderbuss.

And today I have been good and added 1004 new words to The Drowning KIngs even though it is Too Hot here. (Yes, I know almost everyone loves the heat, but I wilt and can't concentrate. I am a cold-blooded midlander.)

First new line: There was a long moment of silence as Hyfaidd held the gaze of Gwgan’s penteulu.
(The penteulu is the head of the royal warband.)

Things are hotting up, and Owain has an invitation to dinner.

Skirt of the day: grey silk wrap.