May 18th, 2010

Living With Ghosts

Fan fiction

I'd be very surprised if anyone wrote Living With Ghosts fanfic, but as far as I'm concerned, if you wish to, that's fine. The book is out there. But, as others have said, I probably won't read it, mainly for legal reasons.
I've written fanfic myself, back in the day. As it happens, I never wrote in any background created by a single writer. It didn't appeal, but accept that other people do want to do this. It doesn't squick me.

However, what I do object to is mobbing, cyber-bullying and outright abuse directed as people with whom one disagrees. Here's the thing: people are allowed to have different opinions. They are allowed to think something is dull or even pointless. Me? I do not see the point of soccer or cricket. I find obsession with either kind of silly. But I accept that other people love them.
I firmly believe that my friends are all sane, reasonable, decent and honourable and that they are as horrified by bullying in all its forms as I am.
Disagreement is fine. Sending aggressive and abusive messages is not. Finding ways to send these personally if a thread or entry is closed is right out.
Please, please, do disagree with me. I like to discuss stuff. If it's matters Celtic and historical, I may get very technical but I will still engage. But I can't condone bullying.