May 6th, 2010



New words added: 1006
First new line: It was a hour or more past full dawn by the time they were ready to set off.

The warband are on their way to St Dogmaels, and Owain is pondering the omens.
Goth marquise

The Marquise's election fashion tips

Today I am not wearing blue. Not one single stitch of blue. I've even swapped bags for the day, back to basic black. Because today my colours are nailed to the mast and the skirt of the day is as red as the people's red flag.
A successful morning writing followed by a very pleasant afternoon watching Iron Man 2 and drinking (pink) cocktails with tamaranth. And guess what? Iron Man was wearing red, too... And I voted.
You have till 10.00 pm, for those of you eligible who may not yet have done so.