May 5th, 2010

Living With Ghosts

May 8th

There's still time to make plans and come along to the Write Fantastic Anniversary Event on Saturday May 8th, at the Jacqueline du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford. The programme and other details can still be found here:

Meanwhile, I have just been for a walk with a cat. Those of you who have visited may be acquainted with Iskander's habit of sometimes meeting visitors and escorting them to the house. A few of you may also have seen him following people on the nature reserve. He likes walks. It allows him to maintain surveillance over his humans and his territory all in one go.
This walk, however, did not involve Ish. I went out to call Horus, and Mooncat decided what she really needed was a nice preprandial stroll. Walks with Moon are not like Ish walks. She sticks to the path, which is good, and she likes to be in the lead, which makes keeping an eye on her easier (the end of the nature reserve is well outside her territory and to the best of our knowledge she only gets that far when she decides to follow us). But the main feature is the tree break. Trees exist to be run up, apparently. And when you find just the right kind of tree... Let's just say it was quite a slow walk, as a lot of tree were exactly the right kind.
We found Horus, who was most startled to see Moon there and proceeded to say so very loudly. Madam, of course, was Up A Tree.

Skirt of the day: jeans.

I've declared today one of my two days off for this week, as my shoulders are a bit sore today.