April 28th, 2010


Day off

I've declared today a day off from writing, as I woke this morning with a headache and sore shoulders. (So should not, in fact, be on the computer. Ho him.) Instead, I've done useful things like shopping (for more painkillers. Also lip-salve) and laundry. The marquis's beautiful-but-complicated skirts are hand-washed and drying nicely. Meanwhile the cats are treating the house like a hotel -- Ish is presently engaged in his new Best Thing Evah, which involves apparently planting himself in the vegetable bed amongst the beans and basking. Moon spilled coffee all over my desk while trying to bury it -- the coffee, not the desk --- and Horus is intermittently wandering in to see if any fresh salmon cat food has manifested itself in his bowl. Oh, and I have a new plant, to replace my poor weeping fig, which failed to survive the cold winter. The new plant is a very small jade plant (aka money plant) which will have pretty white flowers and lots of big fat green leaves when it gets bigger. Right now it's a rather quaint little thing, holding its foliage politely over its knees and getting used to the new place.

Skirt of the day: silk patchwork.