April 27th, 2010



New words today: 507 (I'm ramping back up -- will shoot for 750 tomorrow, then back to 1000-a-day).
First line written: The hut was damp and mean, though Owain had no doubt that it was the biggest in the village.
Owain is trying to snoop, Idwal is being tactless and Gif Has Found Pigs!
Writer needs to find out more about St Dogmael's, the least-documented foundation of 9th century Wales. I may have to give up and go look at it, though there's not a lot to see.

Garden is watered, birds and cats are fed, work-out is done. I have emailed the mystery agent (that bit is scary) and am gathering strength to email Nice Editor. I am suffering from restlessness and residual irritation with something someone wrote somewhere else. My life is so very gripping...

Skirt of the day: teal with white piping.