April 26th, 2010


Colour me soft

So this morning I found myself out in the garden in my night-wear, breaking off and breaking up lengths of pampas grass for the benefit of our nesting pair of starlings, who'd been tugging and tugging at it in hope.
And my undergraduate used to call me soft.
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I haven't done a meme for ages. This is gacked from barbarienne.

Answer the following questions using the first letter of your last name.

1. My last name?
Begins with an L.

2. Name an animal?

3. A boy's name?

4. A girl's name?

5. An occupation?

6. Colour?

7. Something you wear?
Longjohns (only on the motorbike or in very low temperatures skiing).

8. A Beverage?
Lapsang Souchong.

9. Food?
Lemon Meringue Pie.

10. Something you find in a bathroom?
Live! Hair dye by Schwarzkopf.
11. A place?

12. Reason for being late?
Lost my way looking for Leicester.

13. Something you shout?
Look out!

I'm procrastinating. I should workout and write, but someone mentioned something on-line that I don't like being reminded off and I'm restive. Boo to broken minds.
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Important phone calls made: 2 (car repair; non-fiction publisher). Issues resolved as a result:1 (publisher have yet to call back.)
Laundry done.
Various admin emails sent.
Workout worked-out.
Wring got on with.
Too much bookworm played.

And that's me.