March 2nd, 2010


BBC cuts

Much of the BBC Radio 4 coverage today, including Dial You and Yours, has been devoted to the cuts that are happening in the BBC, and in particular the closing of BBC R 6 Music -- the commentators have gone on and on and on; the interviews have focused on R6 presenters.
But it's only now, at nearly 6pm, that they seem to have recalled that the BBC radio service the Asian Network is also to be closed down.
This is appalling: the Asian Network provides a far more important service than 6 Music and its axing sends out a completely unacceptable message to a large section of the UK population. The BBC are claiming that they will include programming for the Asian community within the mainstream schedules, but how far this will go is very debatable. An hour or two a week at inconvenient times -- cf. Channel 4's broadcasting of Indian films only late at night -- is no substitute.
I have complained to the BBC. I hope others will do likewise.
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