February 22nd, 2010



New words today: 1031
First line written: Hyfaidd rose, wiping the horse’s blood from his arms and hands with a handful of leaves.

Owain has got out of a tight spot, though the king is still suspicious. And finally a new scene. Questions will be asked!


Snow today: the cats are dubious, although both Ish and Horus have made some forays outside. Mooncat has been hugging radiators, leaving the lap for Horus, who has been wanting regular paw-warming. I don't think it's that cold, but the cats are doubtless more expert. Much household excitement yesterday watching the ski-cross (they are all insane) and the men's combined. And yay for Bode Miller finally winning a gold medal. He's not my favourite skier, but he's worked long and hard for that and he skied a blinder.
A question: is there something in Swiss law that requires them always to have someone called Zurbriggen on their ski team?

Skirt of the day: denim