January 3rd, 2010


Three Days Late and a Dollar Short

It seems to be 2010: Happy New Year. 2009 wasn't too bad for me personally, but it was very hard on friends and family, and I hope 2010 it far better for you all.

It's got off to a rocky start here, though. My aunt died this morning. She had been ill for some time and increasingly frail and it was expected. But it's still sad. The marquis has been packed off to LA for the week by his employers, so I am All Alone for the week. Oh, and Ish has been in another fight and is on antibiotics again and was thus shut in for several days.
He does not appreciate this.
So far he has pee'd on:
the carpet (several times)
the kitchen windowsill
the wall in the hall
two duvets
the wireless router (it survived unharmed).
He is not a popular cat right now.
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