December 4th, 2009



Working my way through Grass King, I'm finding I like it more than I expected, though it's early days yet (I'm in the middle of ch, 4). But:
it needs another chapter at the end. I've had a sneaking niggle it might, but rereading the early section I realise more and more that there's a major strand I need to address and haven't. I am so bad at endings. (Living With Ghosts lacked a proper last chapter for the first 12 years of its existence. I suppose the realisation about Grass King shows some kind of progress in the writing craft. But I wish I'd remembered to write the blasted thing in the first draft.)
And like LWG, Grass King has trailing ends that I may end up writing about later. I did not ever set out to write series, blast it. But the characters have their own ideas.
Skirt of the day: long blue linen.