November 26th, 2009


More metrics

New words added today: 754
First line written: These days, they’d likely be even less tolerant.
The history of Wales c. 870 is three easy paragraphs! (Hmmm....) Owain is pondering, and Gif has found a Very Important Smell.
Shoulder: sore.

Skirt of the day: teal corduroy.
The oddness of Hours, part N: I spent about 20 minutes brushing Mooncat, as usual. She was purring quite loudly. So Horus, who was nesting in a beanbag several feet away, started purring too. It must be good: the other cat is happy!

Worrying news (UK)

Borders UK is going into administration.
There goes one of the few booksellers we have locally who still stock substantial amounts of backlist and of US as well as UK paperbacks. (I know Borders aren't perfect, but since Heffers was gutted by the Evil From Oxford, and since Waterstones decided they were bestseller focused, Borders have been the best chain we have in Cambridge, at least.)

Evening edit: it's now even more complicated, as the administrators have pulled out citing a 'conflict'.
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