November 5th, 2009

Goth marquise

I seem to be back

I seem to be back home in Cambridge after the excursions and excitements of the last twelve days. The cats are cautiously pleased (although Mooncat is sulking, because desperance was only here briefly). The marquis is pleased and I am hugely pleased to be back with him.
I had a good time at WFC, and many many people were welcoming and friendly. klwilliams is a fine hostess and her new house is lovely: deborahjross went out of her way to take us to see redwoods and to meet her husband and cats and dog and see her wonderful garden. I got to meet a number of people I know and like here in person, which was splendid.
And I did buy a new skirt. I blame Chaz and Karen and stillsostrange. They made me do it...
And I wandered about the dealers' room and chatted to people, and went to a couple of parties (I'm not good at those and probably hung back and was awkward), and drank cocktails because they were cheaper than wine (groliffe, the bar in the Fairmont is still every bit as eye-wateringly expensive as we remember it from Conjose), and hung out with Amanda and Stephen and tried to lure them to come and live in the UK, and ate Afghan food (delicious), and disorganised but tasty Vietnamese food with the lovely Ellen and Delia and Chaz, and watched with amusement as Chaz charmed his way about the con collecting adoring fans with every word, and got into trouble due to my tweed miniskirt *yet again*, and had a lovely lunch with Nice Editor and aberwyn and lots of other stuff.
It was good, though I missed the marquis a lot.
And it's good to be back, too.
In other news: am shockingly behind on NaNoWriMo (less than 100 words.... Will be good next week), due to con and then to sleeping through much of yesterday.

Oh, yes: and the hotel nearly flooded. I was nowhere near Green Room, I swear, and neither was the leak (it was the swimming pool and it almost got the Dealers' Room. They had to get out Really Big Vaxs to cope).
Skirt of the day: blue flouncey.