October 4th, 2009


What do you call yours?

I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathroom. I'm not, for the simple reason that just as I was about to embark on same, I was colonised and occupied (in a most Imperial fashion) by the Ish cat.
He's a very conquering sort of cat. That's partly how he came by his name. And, as T S Eliot has most sagely observing, the naming of cats is a serious matter.
It's also an ongoing one. I have yet to meet a cat who did not possess a plethora of names in addition to the formal ones (and the inner ones which Humans May Not Know).
Caspian was most usually Sir, but also SGF (Small, grey and furry), His Majesty. The Grey Eminence, and, for reasons that are too complicated to go into, The Cat from Del Monte. Oh, and Rodent Features, for when he woke the marquis at unseasonable hours.
Mooncat is properly Ahmoon, but answers to Moonlet, Bundle and Sweetpea.
Ish rejoices in Doodle-puss/Doodle-bug, Noodle and Dumpling.
Horus is usually Horus-paws, but also on occasion is known as Spotty-paws, Spotty cat or Teapot features (I'm not sure how that one arose).
I have observed that we are not alone in this proliferation of feline monikers. So, what names do yours rejoice in?
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