October 1st, 2009


Once more with metrics

New words: 1095. (The year between the two failed invasions of North Wales by William Rufus.)
First line of the day: Yelena said, ‘Someone has to.’
The twins --- well, Yelena -- have had an Aha! moment. Jehan is impatient.

Skirt of the day: teal cord. It's possible I own too many teal skirts. (Three. All from the same place.)

My shoulders really hurt: I think the typing is getting to me. It may be back to dragons tomorrow.
But laundry has been done (take that, foul laundry!). Horus, meanwhile is shouting for his tea.
It's a good thing no-one is recording me as I wander about the house, though. Today, I surpassed myself in idiocy by saying, 'Yummy Bundle yummy-nums.' Or, in the normal tongue, 'Mooncat, here's your breakfast.' (Bundle is her spare name. It's short for Thunder-bundle, because she is sometimes incredibly noisy.) No wonder the cats look at me as if I'm daft. I'd better go and feed Horus before he rings Cats' Protection.