September 18th, 2009

Goth marquise


Well, later today I'm off to Fantasycon in Nottingham. I haven't been to Fantasycon since I was at school --thirty years ago, in fact. Back then, the guest was Karl Edward Wagner, who was terrific and gave a hugely atmospheric reading that I remember to this day. This time the guests are Jasper fforde, Gail Z Martin and Brian Clemens. In 19** the programme included short surrealist films, creepy and bizarre, and much horror. This time, I don't know. I'm on two panels, one on folklore at 3pm on Sat, and a new writers' showcase at 10am on Sun. I've been warned about the dress code and am taking my respectable mini-skirt and nice tops and jeans. (And a smart posh frock just in case.) I will be seeing desperance and james_bacon and cheryl_morgan and the Ians and others. ([Bad username: freda_warrington]? I hope so!) I will be another person to that 17-year-old all that time ago.
I will be there wholly as a pro -- this isn't my subset of fandom, I don't have the layers of knowledge and experience. I don't have the track record of working. I am once again entering fan-space as a stranger.
I'll let you know how it goes.
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1221 new words this morning. Things are definitely moving and the book is being nice to me again. I hope it will still like me on Monday!
First line of the day: Beyond Marcellan’s courtyard, the Rice Palace was in chaos.
Yelena is anxious and Qiaqia is being enigmatic. I really need to know what this chapter is called.

Next: lunch then kitchen cleaning.

Skirt of the day: stain wedgewood.
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