September 17th, 2009


The daily count

1377 new words added. 1400 would have been nicer, but I came to the end of the scene and didn't want to start the new one.
First line of the day: Julana crouched low.
There are Intimations of Doom and the twins are considering panicking. Marcellan, however, is yet to wake up. (Insensitive human.)

Quite a productive day today. My tax is now sorted, thanks to the lovely and talented ms_cataclysm, my bathroom is nice and sparkly and I'm halfway through my current books-for-review, which I'm enjoying. The marquis got out of work before 7.30 pm for the first time this week, too, which is even better, and is engrossed in the weekly Thursday role-playing campaign. And I only had to go round the nature reserve once to find Horus. he still shilly-shallied all the way back to the house, but I managed to lure him the last few yards with a piece of chicken. Mooncat was not impressed.
Skirt of the day: teal corduroy.
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