September 11th, 2009

Goth marquise

A meme and a thank you.

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who responded to my post on the marquis and the pictures. You are lovely, and I don't deserve you.

And 2ndly, just for the hell of it, :ten things you want to say to ten people on your f-list" meme.
Some of these apply to more than one person.

1) I wish I had a magic wand to make things right for you: you deserve it.
2) I've never known you as well as I've wanted to, and I wish we had more chances to spend time together.
3) Sometimes, you wind me up, but I love you anyway and you're one of my favourite people.
4) I have faith in you: you can succeed.
5) I'm rather scared of you, but you're a very interesting person to know.
6) I want you to be home where it's safe: I worry about you.
7) I am honoured and delighted that you want to know me.
8) When we didn't meet for several years, I wondered about you a lot, and I'm very happy we are now back in touch.
9) I don't see anything like enough of you.
10) I think you're wonderful.
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