September 10th, 2009

Goth marquise


I have had a lovely day with lil_shepherd and inamac. Lil took many many photos, and there are a number of really good ones. She's a star. Ina brought Dracopup, who was a very good boy all day and is totally adorable.
Horus is not afraid of Draco, it transpires. He fluffed up mightily -- Lil has pictures -- but held his ground and proceeded to tease the poor pup for at least half an hour. Moon was disapproving. Ish lost dignity by running away mightily.
I, meanwhile, am apparently larger than I thought, which is worrying. I mean, my dress size is still the same and has been for some long time, but the camera seems to see more of me than I do. Hmm.
And my hair is now very dark burgundy brown. It was meant to be a mid red-brown shade but I absent-mindedly left it on longer than I intended. It's a nice colour, but a bit of a surprise. (It photographed beautifully, although I am boggled that my hair -- which is the bane of my life -- is now the most photogenic part of me.)
Skirt of the day: has alternated between black crinkle cotton and my favourite green-blue flowery gypsy skirt. (This skirt was in my last official photo, which is nine years old. Like I said, my dress size is still the same, but...)