August 28th, 2009


A public complaint

I wish to register my distaste for this blogging business and also this reading of others' blogs. It is not at all what I want and moreover it interferes with my needs, desires and routines.
To wit: when I approach purring, I expect my human to desist whatever she is doing and fuss me at once. Keeping on typing, or moving me so she can look at that silly monitor are not acceptable.
When I come in for the last time at night, I expect her to respect my bedtime routine. She is required to stop doing whatever she is wasting her time on and GO TO BED immediately, so that I can have my nightly lap-get and fuss. All this sitting up and reading the internet is interfering with my beauty sleep.
So, cats of LiveJournal, I urge you: rise up and put a stop to these undesirable networking behaviours. Our comfort is at stake.
yours in protest,
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