August 11th, 2009

Goth marquise

Beer and bracelets and worldcon, oh my...

I sort of failed to blog the con, didn't I? It was the time, I tell you, it would keep running away from me and I'd get back to the hotel and think, oh, it's nearly 1 am, and I haven't reported back and I have to get up early tomorrow and... Well, apologies. I was thinking of you, honest.
It was.... how was it? Early items and great beer; charming new people and scary being-a-pro moments; lovely dinner with Nice Editor and the rest of the crew from DAW; missed meals and absinthe and great shoes on other people's feet (and a huge blister on mine); a useful meeting regarding Grass King -- nice editor has good suggestions and doesn't hate it -- and getting to spend time with people I see far too seldom -- hi mkillingworth and timill: it was lovely to see you. I found the first two of Pierre Pevel's musketeers-with-dragons books in French and then met Pierre and talked Dumas, and then his editor, Stephane Marsan gave me an advance proof of the new English translation of Les Larmes du Cardinal and I squeaked a lot and may have kissed him...1 (He sends his best wishes to desperance.) Several of the established writers there went out of their way to be warm and friendly to me and I am profoundly grateful to them all. Some of you are on lj, some not, but heartfelt thanks. frostfox very kindly took the marquis and me as her guests to the Hugo reception and party, which was fascinating and a bit scary but good: thank you. I always want to give readings with msagara, who rocks. There was some great programme items, too, far too few of which I saw. My highlight was chilperic's talk on Barbarians. Part of me wants to go to World Fantasy con, now, because I'd get to meet some more interesting people.
And now I'm in Quebec, which is extremely pretty, and has good fortifications, and the marquis, who is wonderful, has bought me the two most beautiful bracelets in the world, because he's far too indulgent. (He's also bought me two beers, which may be showing. And I seem to have acquired another new skirt somehow -- short and flippy.)
So: what have you lot been doing?
1 All right, there's no may about it.
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