July 29th, 2009


Blog agains racism week

I found this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jul/28/birther-movement-obama-citizenship
this morning.
I'm not American, but:
Your president influences the world
Your new president is already changing how other countries view the USA
Your new president offers a new view of the US as a potential ally rather than an international bully
When you elected your new president, countries world-wide celebrated. Kenyans saw the possibility of an America which saw them as people.

I know that the Americans on my f'list do not, will not endorse the racist, abusive tactics of the individuals and organisations who are behind this attack. I know you don't endorse the racist agenda that seeks to deny rights and dignity to p.o.c.

This action, these agitators, are deplorable.


I came back from running various errands to find two blokes waiting outside the house next door, waiting for the owner (it's a rental house, currently empty, so they had an appointment to do some work). They were engaged on the highly important activity of making a fuss of Ish. He had apparently walked up to them and demanded attention. They were both utterly delighted by him: one was sitting on the ground so Ish could clamber over him, and the other was bending down to stroke him. I was asked lots of questions about him, too. They stayed like that, worshipping himself, until the owner arrived -- about 15 minutes. Ish then sauntered home nonchalantly.
This is Ish all over. I regularly see him mug people walking on the nature reserve and he visits most of my neighbours. But I do wish I'd had my camera earlier: two big stripping guys busy adoring one compact cat.
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