July 28th, 2009


Things Horus is scared of

Horus is a nervous cat, there are no two ways about it. He had a very safe secure kitten-hood, and I think we give him a good life here, so it must be inherent. He's a scaredy cat, and so it goes.
Some of his terrors are obvious and common -- the car, the vacuum cleaner, thunderstorms, parties, sudden noises.
However, he is also scared of:
the ironing board
the marquis's blue anorak
my long teal and cream skirt
people opening envelopes
Moon-cat sneezing (not a loud noise)
the recycling boxes (they're big! they're blue!)
tamaranth, who is petite and quiet and Not Scary
Yesterday, he shot under the kitchen sink (he can open the cupboards) because It Had Started Raining! While he was indoors asleep on a futon.

He is not scared of:
magpies dive-bombing him (a Good Game, apparently)
Ish landing on him from a height
our tall and rather loud friend J, who takes up a lot of space
the vet.

My cat does not make sense.
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