June 18th, 2009


SOS Save My Dignity

Dear Fellow Felines,

Your aid is urgently required at my house. My humans have gone completely insane. Last night, the marquise took away all the food and made me stay indoors from 6 pm. This morning the marquis put me in a box and took me to visit my fan club at the vets. I quite liked that, but the marquis forgot that I am supposed to go on the lead, because I am Top Cat, and then he went and left me at the vet. And the fan club didn't spend all their time making a fuss of me. Nor did they feed me. Instead they squeezed my foot which is sore and then stuck needles in me and I went to sleep. And when I woke up my sore foot was completely wrapped up in nasty itchy cloth stuff which I can't take off, and my head had been stuck in a lampshade. they pretended to be sorry and gave me food and fussed me, but I knew they had been Up To No Good. When the marquise arrived, I told her about the bad wrapping stuff and the lampshade, and she scratched my very itchy ear for me, but she left all the things on me and made me go in the box again. Now she won't give me gushy food, only dry stuff, and she won't let me out, and the lampshade keeps getting in my way and my foot is sore AND itchy.
Rescue is urgently needed. I am relying on you all.
yours in martyrdom,

NB: Ish got into a fight last week and was bitten quite badly on one toe on his right hind leg. We kept it clean, but it started to go nasty and as a result he's been cleaned up, x-rayed and generally checked out by the vet. He is deeply not impressed, although the knowledge that I paid ££££OMGOUCH for this seems to be some consolation to him. He has to go back to have dressings changed on Saturday, so I'm staying home this weekend after all (we were due to go to Bath with friends. P will go by himself.) Well, I guess that will mean I can catch up on housework and writing (the cold is retreating slowly).